The Church Is Our Mother: Seven Ways She Inspires Us to Love



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She creates, cares, teaches, accepts, sacrifices, heals, and celebrates with us. She is Mother Church and we are her children. We are all called to love those God entrusts to our care just as Mother Church loves us.

Loehr asks, “Why do we refer to the Church as she or Mother Church? And what does this reveal about the nature of the Church and the nature of motherhood?” Each chapter of The Church Is Our Mother explores one theme mothers and Mother Church have in common: creation, caring, teaching, acceptance, sacrifice, healing, and celebration. A study guide offers relevant meditations from the liturgy, the Catechism, the saints, and the sacraments, and also shares personal stories from seven other mothers to inspire readers on their own journeys of faith and family.

Both a personal memoir and a universal call to understanding, The Church Is Our Mother will act as a springboard for other women to delve ever more deeply into the beautiful mystery of Mother Church and offers a new perspective on the tremendous importance of the vocation of motherhood itself.

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