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Beautiful pink blossoms on the Rejoice Cross Bookmark Set announce the Father’s will for His children: Rejoice in the LORD always. And how can we not rejoice when we think about the certainty of eternal life with Him?

The cross-shaped paper bookmarks in the set are decorated with dainty pink watercolor blossoms accented with yellow. The sentiment is framed and printed in pink.

 Rejoice in the LORD always! 


 Philippians 4:4

The back of the cross-shaped bookmark has space to write someone’s name and a cryptic message. It also includes a Scripture verse from the Psalms.

 Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise. 


 Psalm 145:3
The Rejoice Cross Bookmark Set pairs well with the coordinating washi tape, magnet set, and promise cards in a gift tin.

Pick up a set of 12 identical Rejoice Cross Bookmarks and share it wherever you go. These paper bookmarks are handy items to hand to fellow Bible study friends or Sunday school students.

  • Pink watercolor design
  • Paper bookmark
  • Cross shape

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