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The title track of Laura Story’s Open Hands album is a worship number about coming into God’s presence and trusting in Him. Laura explained the story behind the song.

“As a worship leader, sometimes I imagine approaching God. When we worship, we don’t raise our hands with our fists clenched. We see the posture of open hands. It makes me ask myself if that’s how I’m approaching the Lord in worship personally.

It’s easy to come and say ‘God, You are great and You are wonderful.’ I think He desires for us to say, ‘God, You are great and I surrender my life to You.’ Worship is more of a picture of Abraham and Isaac, where we trust Him with our child, our only son. There are other examples that we see in the Scripture of worship being connected to a willingness to sacrifice.”

  1. Death Was Arrested
  2. Open Hands
  3. You Came Running
  4. Give You Faith
  5. For the Love of my King
  6. Awake My Soul
  7. Whisper
  8. Every Word you Breathe
  9. Majesty
  10. Extraordinary
  11. Grace Abounds


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