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The Confessions of Saint Augustine – the first autobiography in history – chronicles the first 40 years of St. Augustine of Hippo. Written at the dawn of the 5th century, even as barbarians were descending upon Rome, Augustine records the development of his thoughts and deeds from a privileged childhood through sensual adolescence and young adulthood. He chronicles his years studying rhetoric at Carthage, his relationship with a mistress and birth of a son, his journeys to Rome and Milan, where he met and was baptized by St. Ambrose – through the prayers and tears of his ever-suppliant mother, Monica – and ends with a reflection on creation as seen through the text of Genesis. This book is not so much a “confession” of sin as it is a confession about the mercy and faithfulness of God, who never stops pursuing us in His thirst for love.

Paperback, 352 pp.
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