Chaplet of the Holy Spirit


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  • Chaplet with instructions card
  • Vibrant red design
  • Unique devotional piece
  • Powerful Confirmation gift

This unique chaplet to the Holy Spirit will strengthen your devotion to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. The vibrant red and clear crystal bead, with stained glass, look Holy Spirit medal, invite prayer and reflection.

The card reads:

“This rosary consists of five groups of seven red beads. Before and after each group there are two crystal beads, that is twelve beads in all. In addition, there are three red beads at the beginning. On these three beads, one makes the Sign of the Cross, recites an Act of Contrition and the hymn Come Holy Ghost.

In each group, the Glory Be is said on the seven red beads, an Our Father and Hail Mary on the two crystal beads. On the remaining two crystal beads (at the end of the last decade) are said the Apostles Creed and an Our Father and Hail Mary for the intentions of the Holy Father.”

There is a mystery for each of the five groups; the number five commemorates the Five WOunds of Jesus which are fountains of grace that the Holy Spirit imparts to all people.

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